Mobile Crane for sale

All terrain fast vehicles, hydraulic cranes, aerial platforms

Mobile cranes – Operational solutions
autogrù idrauliche telescopiche
motorization and capacity

sale of al terrain hydraulic cranes

Autogru Rigo offers for sale off-road hydraulic cranes in 3 different models for motorization and capacity with technical characteristics that can be adapted to all lifting needs, even as aerial platforms.

Maintenance and assistance

Designed for easy routine maintenance

Most of the hydraulic, mechanical and electronic components installed on hydraulic cranes are easy to access for maintenance. The replacement of components and any checks on the vehicle can be carried out in a short time, therefore the routine maintenance of the crane becomes a simple and low-cost procedure.


Detailed technical manuals

All technical manuals are supplied with each new rough terrain crane and contain detailed information to help customers maintain the equipment purchased correctly and in the best possible way.
Reliable, compact and technological mobile cranes for use on the road, off-road and for use on site with production and assembly in Italy.
At the present time Rigo offers for sale hydraulic telescopic rough terrain cranes (AT and RT type) with capacities from 50 to 130 tons.
The Rigo brand is synonymous with the sale of high quality and reliable products, supported by a quick after-sales service for crane repairs.